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Bindoon volunteer firefighters survive burnover from helicopter crash

Bindoon volunteer firefighters survive burnover from helicopter crash

After four days of high winds, flash flooding and heavy rains that destroyed the family home, a group of volunteers pulled over a small bus and were driving it home to their home in Toms River, New Jersey. It was Friday afternoon, and there were no cars or cars registered in the area. The volunteers had set up camp just past 10 p.m. to help bring food and supplies from their home and other volunteers who have been working the rescue operations from afar began arriving in their pickup truck as well.

They were on their way to Toms River, and had planned to spend the day at the home of an elderly woman, who was recovering from a heart attack. They had set up their tent next to the elderly woman’s trailer and were taking on water to save her. By noon, that rain stopped and began to fall.

By now, the road was flooded and mud was covering the truck bed. At one point, two of the volunteers who were trying to save the elderly woman were swept off their trucks. All three of the vehicles were completely submerged.

All of the volunteer firefighters were taken to a nearby hospital and are in good condition. However, the elderly woman was the most seriously burned. It took two hours and nearly $2,000 of emergency food and supplies to reach her. The woman was trapped in her home for two days, despite being completely flooded.

The Toms River Fire Department is asking for help from anyone who may be in the Toms River area and has been struck by the intense and devastating weather.

The fire department is also asking anyone who may have been in this area on September 28th or 29th to contact them at 908-741-5111 with any tips on whether to go to help the elderly woman.

A full report on the Toms River Fire will be issu바카라사이트ed on the emergency resjarvees.componse that was issued the morning after the storm.

The State 우리카지노Water Patrol, Department of Emergency Management, New Jersey Paramedics and the NJ State Fire Marshal’s Office all responded to the scene. There will be other calls and investigations that will also be opened, along with information on how to help the elderly woman.

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Posted: August 7th, 2017