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Abuse survivor calls for financial compensation from church for church leaders who failed to respond to abuse allegations

Abuse survivor calls for financial compensation from church for church leaders who failjarvees.comed to respond to abuse allegations

Elder Joseph A. Smith and John C. Bennett to the media in June 2010, where they declined to accept responsibility for abuse by their son

An abuse survivor who was forced to resign from her church in Idaho says her family and church leaders failed to act when she was abused by church leader Joseph Smith during the late 1960s and early 1970s.

The Idaho Republican newspaper and radio station KTAR-FM reported Sunday that Mariann Anderson received a letter in June from LDS Church officials in Idaho urging her to resign jarvees.comand withdraw from her teaching job at Kirtland Church. She declined because she had worked with Church leaders in recent years to investigate allegations of church abuse.


“As I sat next to them talking about the situation they said that they didn’t know the details of it but just said that if I needed to, they could be responsible for everything and could do whatever they wanted with my name in the paper or my church records,” said Anderson. “I asked for a copy of the letter. I said ‘what could I possibly be responsible for?'”

Anderson’s father, Joseph Smith, a Salt Lake City businessman, began working at Kirtland in the early 1960s while he was still a member of the church. He later moved to nearby Provo and taught under Joseph H. Taylor, who later founded Kirtland.

When Taylor died in 1988 and his widow left her business to be the executive director of the Deseret News, Church investigators began to look into allegations of abuse involving the then-new president.

Church authorities eventually concluded that Taylor, now a local church leader, had committed a sex crime, but they continued to pursue other evidence — the discovery of missing church records. In 1996, after discovering a child pornography tape made by an employee who had worked at the Deseret News, authorities opened a criminal investigation on suspicion of sexually abusing underage boys. That investigation eventually led to the conviction of four people, including three women, for their roles.

During this time of intense investigation in Idaho, Kirtland became aware우리카지노 of the allegations against its church leaders, according to a June 2011 story in the Deseret News.

Anderson told KTAR-FM she didn’t know anything about the police investigation and never received a written warning about the investigation. But she said the decision to step down in Idaho wasn’t made by her.

Anderson said that during her time in the church in Idah